Vacuum Oil Dewatering

Friess VOD Vacuum oil dewatering removes water, gases and dirt particles from hydraulic oils, turbine oils and other mineral oils in a simple, fast and reliable way.

How it works:

For the oil dewatering process, the oil passes the heat exchanger where it is warmed up, in order to reduce its viscosity. Afterwards the oil is led into the vacuum chamber. Because of the low pressure, the water evaporates and is pumped by the vacuum pump. While the water condensates and is gathered in a separate container, the drained oil is pumped back through the heat exchanger and cooled down. Eventually, the oil is led through a 3 ┬Ám filter that removes coarse dirt particles.


  • Less wear
  • Dewatering down to a water content of less than 50 ppm of water
  • Efficient removal of water, gas and particles
  • Fast amortisation
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Dewatering without consumables


  • Paper industry
  • Steel industry
  • Mobile hydraulics