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Flat wagons
• 4 axles flat wagons with sliding side walls for ores, ballast and timber transport;
• 2 and 4 axles flat cars for rolled steel products, timber and equipment transport;
• 4 axles flat wagons for containers;
• flat wagons for wide gauge parts with 8,10 or 20 axles.

  Open freight cars
• 2 axles open cars with high walls for ore, ballast, timber and compact
• 4 axles - gondola type, open cars for transport of compact goods,
timber and weather - resistant industrial products;
• 4 axles-open self discharging cars for transport of ores, agricultural
products, ballast, coke, rolled steel products, timber, various parts and outfits.

Covered freight cars
• 2 axles covered cars with tegotex-plated walls for transport of bulk
cereals, animals and goods which require weather protection;
• 2 and 4 axles covered cars for transport of general goods, cereals,
equipment, etc. which require weather protection.

Special purposes freight cars
• 4 axles hopper cars for transport of ballast and stone for railway
• 4 axles self-discharging cars for iron ore;
• 4 axles self-screening cars for granulated goods;
• 2 axles pneumatic discharge cars for transport of cement;
• 2 axles cars for black coal;
• 4 axles multi-decked for lorries, motorcars and other means of
• 4 axles self-loading cars for coal transport;
• 4 axles covered cars for salt transport;
• Know-how and technology for 4 axles flat wagons Rgss type and 2
axles flat wagons Kgss type (design documentation, technology frame-work, main and secondary jigs, prototypes, tests and trials, technical assistance, subassemblies, components).

Tank cars
• 4 axles tank cars for oil products transportation;
• 4 axles tank cars for bitumen transportation;
• 4 axles tank cars for gas transportation;
• 4 axles tank cars for liquefied gas (propane, butane, iso-butane)
• 4 axles tank cars for acids (sulphuric, nitric, phosphoric) transportation;
• 4 axles stainless steel tank cars for chemical products transportation;
• 4 axles tank cars for acrylonitrile transportation.

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