Magnetic Filtration

Magnetic filtration of emulsions and washing water

FRIESS magnetic filters remove particles and pollution from every kind of process fluids like cooling lubricant, washing water, cooling water, fuel and many more in a cost-efficient way and without consumables.

How it works:

Stainless steel tubes equipped with highly efficient neodymium magnets are applied in a filter housing made out of stainless steel. Because of the extremely high magnetic field force ferritic particles like iron, steel, stainless steel or carbide are attracted by the magnetic core. The clean fluid flows through the outlet back into the system. The special designed slow flow around the magnetic core makes sure that smallest particles down to 1 µm are attracted by the magnetic field force.

The magnetic filter works without consumables and does not require any operating energy. Despite an occasional cleaning, no maintenance is required.

There are 3 type of magnetic filter available: FMF 240, FMF 310 and FMF 420.


  • Separation of smallest particles down to 1 µm
  • No consumables required
  • A clean cooling lubricant procures an improved surface quality and a better grinding pattern
  • Less abrasion of machines and tools
  • Increased durability of cooling lubricants
  • Reduced disposal costs