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Clear Water / Clear Enhancer Bio-Compound for treatment and cleaning of waste waters

• using 25 % less by volume with the same results;
• removing influent phosphates with less product than Alum and Lime;
• creates a heavier and faster settling flocculation;
• operates in cold water were Alum is less effective;
• operates over a wider pH range that Alum, even in acidic influent;
• eliminates unwelcome calcium precipitation caused by Lime;
• removes arsenic through adsorption, co-precipitation and coagulation;
• stabilizes the sludge blanket and speeds sedimentation;
  • prevent struvite accumulation in digested sludge lines and digestors;
• creates 20 % denser sludge than Alum and lowers SVI;
• reduces cost to dehydrate and dispose of sludge;
• eliminates sludge toxicity and disposal issues caused by Alum and
• increases iron in sludge that is essential for plant and vegetation
• removes colloidal particles from waste water;
• reduces BOD, COD, TSS and SVI;
• reduces odors by removing sulfides;
• infinite shelf life, even exposed to water, heat or ultraviolet radiation.

Cleaning Bio-Compound for Various Surfaces (Superabsorber)

• it is cleaning any surface and removing polluting liquids or viscous
substances, such as animal oils and fats, mineral oils and petroleum, chemical and vegetable liquids, excepting the hydrofluoric acid, and any treated surface is cleaned and dried;
• this product is considered as "nonselective", so the effectiveness range is unlimited;
• the product is transforming a liquid substance into a solid one, which
may be easy disposed and stored in a convenient and friendly manner for the environment protection;
• due to low weight and simple application it is drastically reducing the
cleaning cost, as well as the disposal cost;
• no damaging action on the cement, asphalt, earth, tiled floors, and no
danger for plants, human beings, animals or for the environment;
• it does not contain chemical reactives, it is non-toxic, non-flammable,
and it is biologically degradable;
• it has an absorption capability 15 to 20 times greater than any product consisting of clay, it is fast acting and it is non-selective ( no longer necessary to keep numerous different absorbing materials on store).

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