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Dear Partners,

ROMARC SA was established in 1973, as a state owned industrial holding company.

In 1991, was restructured becoming a joint stock company, and starting with 1993 our company is 100% private, its main field of activity being industrial international trading.

ROMARC SA succeeded to perform two international projects, in transfer of know-how and technology in the construction of freight cars (EU) and passenger coaches (Middle East), by supplying technical documentation, assembling devices, tools and fixtures, prototype wagons, SKD/CKD components, training and technical assistance during the assembling of the wagons at the site of the beneficiary. Besides the two above mentioned projects we had successful achievements in the field of rolling stock, like sales of wagons, Diesel engine motors, bogies, spare parts for locomotives and wagons, wooden sleepers.

Besides the above, ROMARC SA was acting as general supplier for equipment, machinery and spare parts of cement plants, achieving projects in Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, China, former Yugoslavia, etc. Also, through our specialists we ensure supervision services for commissioning during the period of current and overhaul repairs of the equipment for cement plants.

Due to the admittance of Romania to the European Community, ROMARC SA has developed a business by approaching new projects, like environmental protection (waste water treatment), oil field sector (import and distribution of industrial lubricants), electrical equipment for various applications.

In 2006, our company made a partnership agreement with Petroleum United Group company in order to expand our profile business activities on more international markets; also, we opened representation offices in Greece and Poland.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to our partners and look forward to a successful future cooperation and mutual benefits.

Victor Pachiu

President - General Manager

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