VAGON CLASA a-ll-a ADZ Tip salon – AVA 200

Gauge: 1435 mm
Length over buffers: 26400 mm
Length over bogies center: 19000 mm
Total width: 2825 mm
Height from top of rail: 4050 mm
Height of floor from top of rail: 1255 mm Total weight: 45 tons
Maximum running speed: 160 km/h
Bogie: Y 32 R, with monoblock wheels Brake: pneumatic
Electric supply: lead and gel battery static converter with 4 voltages Lightening: incandescent and fluor-escent Air conditioning equipment: automatic (heating and cooling )
Sanitary installation, ecological WC
Public address system Passenger Info System
Video entertainment system in saloon
Video surveillance system WLAN Internet System
Windows: fixed and revolving
Seats: 1 saloon with 84 ergonomic plush upholstered seats.