SALOON ZI 2nd class, 200 km/h

Bogie: Y 32 R, with monoblock wheels Brake: electropneumatic and electromagnetic Electric supply: battery with gel, static converter with 4 UIC voltages
Lightening: normal and emergency: with 3 LED stripes on each side;
Air conditioning equipment: with ecologialc refrigerant Sanitary installation
Ecological WC with vacuum.
Public address system

Windows: fixed and revolving, heat proof/reflecting glass 
2 emergency windows on each side;

Seats: 1 saloon with 80 ergonomic seats

4 access doors according to EN 14752 and UIC 560

2 gangways doors according to UIC 560

2 saloon doors with photo sensor Passenger Information System: with saloon displays, platform displays and individual displays in seats;
Control system: electric cabinet with microcontroller, diagnose system with train bus Fire detection system